About Us

Welcome to Bramble Bay Candle Co - home to a unique range of beautiful soy candles all lovingly hand-poured.

Located in Queensland, we are a wholly Australian-owned family business driven by a passion for beautiful candles. After considerable demand, now you can buy your own Bramble Bay Co. candles and fragrance products online!

Our business grew out of our own love of natural soy candles and our pursuit of finding candles that actually delivered on their promise. We wanted a beautiful candle that could hold a good flame, melt all the way to the edge and to the bottom of the glass and throw a lovely scent  - so we set out to make some ourselves and Voila! It all started from our originals - 7 traditional-style fragrances using 100% eco-friendly natural soy wax and cotton wicks. We hope you love them too.

So get shopping for all your fragrances and candles online now!

Bramble Bay Co.

Phone: +61 7 34920951